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July 10 2012

SDCC #5032
I will be at Comic Con in San Diego this year sharing a table with Mario (Mars-1) Martinez. July 14, Saturday only we’ll be making a special pop up store at booth #5032 in conjunction with MAS and Cardboard Spaceship. We’ve collaborated on a painting recently that will be available as a limited edition screen print and we will both have books, zines, shirts and other goodies from the flat files. Stop by if you are near and say hi.

DKE #4738
I will also be releasing a new limited edition Japanese vinyl sculpture entitled Figment. There will be 50 in each of two colors. On Saturday I will be at the DKE booth #4738 doing a signing between 3pm and 4pm. The new figure will be available durring the whole show. Come by and get a small drawing on it on Saturday.

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